Broadening Horizons


Within our faculty we offer several elective subjects integrated into the school curriculum which allow students to explore engineering topics and projects while studying at Box Hill High School.

Many of these electives involve fees and some have prerequisites, so it is advisable to read the page for each subject; these electives are generally in high demand so we ask that you ensure your interest prior to choosing them as your electives.

Below is a table detailing the electives we are currently offering:

SubjectsYear Level Prerequisites
Electrical TechnologyYear 8

Open to all Year 8 students. Students are advised to take both Electrical Technology and Mechanical Technology 

Mechanical TechnologyYear 8
Mechatronics & RoboticsYear 9Students need to have completed both Year 8 FET electives OR have participated in at least 2 years of either Solar Car or RoboCup
VCE Systems Engineering

Years 10,11 &12

Students need to have completed all Year 8 & 9 FET electives OR have participated in at least 3 years of either Solar Car or RoboCup