Broadening Horizons

Electrical & Electronic Technology - Year 8 Elective

Duration: One Semester

This elective covers basic electrical and electronic theory and practice. It provides an introduction to how these devices and systems are used in the development of Robotic (Mechatronic) equipment.

Theoretical work includes the most commonly encountered electrical and electronic components, their structures, circuit symbols and characteristics. Basic electrical theory such as Ohms and Kirchoff's laws, basic circuit analysis, power systems and semiconductor devices are also addressed

Digital computer basics will be presented with an emphasis on system design using flow-charting.  An introduction to micro-controllers (PIC) and logic will also be covered.

Practical work is based on developing safe work practices when assembling circuits and using a multimeter for fault finding.The students are required to assemble a PICAXE controller and an experimenter module, they then need to program the unit to perform a series of tasks.


This subject in conjunction with Mechanical Technology are both prerequisites for undertaking the Year 9 elective Mechatronics & Robotics as well as VCE Systems Engineering offered to years 10, 11 & 12.

Assessment will be through an examination of theory and completion of practical work.