Broadening Horizons

Mechanical Technology - Year 8 Elective

Duration:  One Semester

This elective covers basic mechanical theory and practice. The material covered provides an introduction to how mechanical devices and systems are used in the development of Robotic (Mechatronic) equipment.

Theoretical work includes the following:  power systems, fixing systems, technical drafting, materials, machines for manufacture and hand tools.


Practical work is based on developing practical skills and knowledge focusing on safe use of both hand and machine tools. Students are taught the safe use of a selection of machines including the metal lathe, milling machine, magnabend folder and drill press.

This subject in conjunction with Electrical Technology are prerequisites for undertaking the year 9 elective Mechatronics & Robotics as well as VCE Systems Engineering offered to years 10, 11 & 12.

Assessment will be through an completion of technical drafting and practical work.