Broadening Horizons

Mechatronics & Robotics - Year 9 Elective

Duration:  One semester

Prerequisites: Completion of both Year 8 FET electives OR 2 years of Solar Car and/or RoboCup

This elective brings together the mechanical and electrical studies from Year 8 and combines them in the application of mechatronics & robotics.

Students will be required to design and construct a device which combines both mechanical components and electrical/electronic components into an autonomous project as defined in a design brief.

Emphasis will be on taking a project from concept through the design process to completion and then evaluating the result against the design brief.

Students will use both hand and machine tools and are expected to use a micro-controller (PICAXE) to control their constructed machine.

Students selecting this elective should have completed both Electrical Technology and Mechanical Technology in Year 8.

Assessment will be of the completed project against the given design brief.