Broadening Horizons

VCE Systems Engineering

Duration: Units 1&2 = 1 year, Units 3&4 = 1 year

Prerequisites: Completion of all Year 8 & 9 FET electives OR 3 Years of Solar Car and/or RoboCup 

Systems Engineering is an opportunity for technically minded students who have been involved in other faculty electives and/or extra curricular programs to continue their studies in VCE years.

Each year, along with learning engineering theory, senior students further extend their technology involvement by taking a student selected major project from initial concept to working model.

Emphasis is placed on the combined disciplines of electrical, electronic (including computers) and mechanical technology when carrying out the project. Students document their work by displaying all their research, design and development in a folio; and by presenting both an interim (design) report and a final report with their completed project.

Students are primarily assessed on their project management, project documentation, final working project and are formally examined on engineering theory.

Both Units 1&2 and 3&4 Systems Engineering are running from 2016 onwards, replacing the former S4 Engineering Project elective subject.

 Compressed Air Engine