Broadening Horizons

Robocup Junior - Extra Curricular Program

Robocup is a program in which students will be preparing robots to compete in the Robocup Junior competition.  The faculty runs the program on Thursday afternoons from 3pm to 4:30pm.

Students will be competing in all 3 categories: Rescue, Soccer and Dance.

Rescue: The Rescue competition simulates a real life rescue situation. Robots compete by following a winding line on a series of tiles to a designated rescue area. The robots could encounter obstacles, bridges and short cut opportunities that will challenge the students programming abilities. After negotiating the randomly selected path, the robot arrives at a green coloured area which indicates a chemical spill. The robot must then rescue the victim by either pushing or lifting them out of the designated area.

Soccer: Students in teams are required to design and program a pair of robots to compete against opposing teams by "kicking" an infra-red transmitting ball into their designated goal. The field is the size of a table tennis table and has areas with different shades of green, white and black to assist robots in navigation. Students can use a range of sensors and mechanisms of their own design to try build a winning team, they need to program the robots to respond to stimuli from to field and ball to push the ball into their goal.

Leggo Soccer Robot

Dance: Is an integration of Science, Technology and the Arts. Participants program their robots to dance to music. Competitors are encouraged to decorate their entries and to motorise robot limb movements, to give their robots real personality. RoboCup Junior Dance can be approached in a number of ways and is limited only by the students imagination and programming ability.

In  the program students will study:

  • Mechanical design
  • Programming
  • Digital and Analog sensors
  • Computer systems
  • Digital Systems Integration

Regulations for this years competitions can be found on the Current Students page in the Robocup Junior section.